About Us

We are a centre focused on research, innovation and technology for sustainable developments in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are committed to developing indigenous solutions for domestic challenges through interfacing local knowledge with advance science and technology. We strengthen indigenous capacities for research and development as well as support small and medium enterprises towards green jobs creation, reducing environmental impacts while maximising benefits. We operate as a public- private partnership with strong collaborations with similar centres around the world.

The centre’s strength is in collaborative research and development partnerships with businesses to support the development of new products, processes and services for the global marketplace. The centre leverages on the research and innovation opportunities in the Niger Delta region, Nigeria.

Our vision

To be a centre of research and innovation excellence by sustainably utilizing the available human and technological resources for research, innovation, and technology

Our mission

To diligently pursue cutting-edge science, innovation and technology; delivering scalable and sustainable solutions to challenges in energy, environment, human capacity development and economic growth in Africa, with sensitivity to Africa’s rich indigenous knowledge and responsiveness to global environmental changes

Value proposition

  • One-stop facility for research, innovation, product incubation and laboratory services to meet the need of industries and researchers
  • Broad mix of expertise from industry, government and academia working to provide holistic and sustainable solutions
  • Strong collaborations with global centres of excellence in the North
  • Located in the oil and gas rich region of Nigeria