Celebrating a Corporate Icon - Mr Inoyo

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Celebrating a Corporate Icon - Mr Inoyo

We celebrate and congratulate our benefactor, Mr. Udom U. Inoyo, Vice Chairman and External Advisor, Upstream Nigeria on his retirement from EXXONMOBIL on May 1, 2020 after more than 30 years of meritorious service.

Our ICON worked extra hard to achieve such enviable and impressive height in the corporate world, overseeing several portfolios without a dent on his confidence and reputation, using perseverance, assiduousness, tenacity and personal performance targets to achieve excellent success. His rise in the ranks in an international oil giant is a testimony to his impeccable character and an inspiration to many aspiring similar career growths in a highly competitive corporate environment.

True to his cerebral elements, Our ICON, Mr. Inoyo in 2015 intervened through strategic and timely endorsement that facilitated the take-off of International Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Research, University of Uyo (ICEESR, UNIUYO) when it mattered most. This Centre is focused on research, innovation, and technology for sustainable developments in Sub-Saharan Africa and is committed to developing indigenous solutions for domestic challenges through interfacing local knowledge with advance science and technology.

To us our benefactor symbolises hard work, astuteness, excellence, integrity, grit and diligence. He understands the value and benefits of investing in Science, Technology and Innovation which COVID-19 has underscored.

We at ICEESR, UNIUYO wish you success, good health, and happiness in the new page of your life. May you be showered with abundance of opportunities to do what your heart desires. God bless you Sir, and your esteem family.


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