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Author: Idongesit Ambrose

Indepth Knowledge and Practical Experience on Water Quality Research

It was a rewarding experience because I had been able to acquire an in-depth knowledge, keen understanding, problem-solving skills and practical experience on the issues relating to water quality monitoring and management of sustainable water resources.

I had been exposed to modified techniques in microbiology for enumeration of microorganisms, monitoring techniques for water quality, air quality, trace metal and organic analysis. I also had hands-on experience on the equipment for analysis of soil, water and air pollution parameters.

I had been lectured on latest technologies called LIDAR for atmospheric monitoring of toxic gases and bioaerosols.

Socially, I had been able to interact with other nationals like Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean. Koreans are quite receptive, I did not notice any trace of segregation. In fact, the principal officers and lecturers took us out for dinner where we were treated to Korean dishes. To say the least, we were very free visiting any place of interest.

Still on the issue of water quality, I discovered that advanced countries and even developing ones do not rely on groundwater supplies, but on surface water and wastewater. We visited wastewater treatment plant where wastewater from the whole city of Gwangju was channeled to a central plant for treatment and re-use. It is as costly as groundwater supply.

I want to use this medium to thank the VC, UniUyo and the Director, ICEESR for allowing us from the public service to participate in the 1st IEAEC Workshop on Science and Technical Training on Water Quality Monitoring and Management of Sustainable Water Resources held in GIST, South Korea.

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